Lisa Fitzgibbon



Lisa Fitzgibbon has an immense back-catalogue of music including 4 albums & an acoustic LP, along with numerous albums and singles with various artists & collaborators.

Lisa studied Audio Engineering & Music Business at Kingston University, London 2000-2002. She went on to produce her 3rd and 4th albums (‘Live at the Bull’s Head’ & ‘Songbook 14’) at the Gateway Studios.

Specialising in top-line and vocal production with credits including:

Singer/Songwriter/Producer: The PowerFolk Quartet

Vocal Producer/Musical Director: Moonshee-Park Records

Songwriter/Producer: The Standing, Will Cox

Topline Writer/Vocal Producer: Pro7ect artists including Elle Exxe, Ian Wallman (Output Productions), Dan Brown & Stew Jackson (Massive Attack), Lily Dior, The PowerFolk Quartet, XL Artists, Ben Rosen (The Gunnery Singapore), Will Cox’s 2020 album (co-produced with Nick Moorbath @Evolution Studios), Andy Smith, Tim Turan (Turan Audio), Phil Zacharias (Geeky Music), Michael Edwards (Sonority), Alex Jeffery (Creative Nation), Tim Powles (The Church), Total Science, Claud Gibson, Jon Fletcher, Matt & Sueleen (The Voice UK).