Lisa Fitzgibbon



Lisa Fitz has an immense back-catalogue of music including 4 albums & an acoustic LP, along with numerous albums and singles with various artists & collaborators.

Lisa studied Audio Engineering & Music Business at Kingston University, London 2000-2002. She went on to produce her 3rd and 4th albums (‘Live at the Bull’s Head’ & ‘Songbook 14’) at the Gateway Studios.

Specialising in top-line and vocal production with credits including:

Singer/Songwriter/Producer: The PowerFolk Quartet

Vocal Producer/Musical Director: Moonshee-Park Records

Songwriter/Producer: The Standing, Will Cox

Topline Writer/Vocal Producer: Pro7ect artists including Elle Exxe, Ian Wallman (Output Productions), Dan Brown & Stew Jackson (Massive Attack), Lily Dior, The PowerFolk Quartet, XL Artists, Ben Rosen (The Gunnery Singapore), Andy Smith, Tim Turan (Turan Audio), Phil Zacharias (Geeky Music), Michael Edwards (Sonority), Alex Jeffery (Creative Nation), Tim Powles (The Church), Total Science, Claud Gibson, Jon Fletcher, Matt & Sueleen (The Voice UK).