Lisa Fitzgibbon



Lisa Fitz has collaborated with many songwriting & music producers from the PRO7ECT community including: YOUTH, Liam Howe, Stew Jackson, Iain Archer, Andrew Levy & Chris Difford.


‘Love Me Like You Do’- Pro7ect March 2015
Featuring: Love Lemon, Emma Wakefield, Ian Wallman, Gavin Alexander & Ellie Jamison

‘Turn It Around’- Pro7ect Oct 2014

Featuring: Lily Dior, Michael Edwards, Lisa Fitz, Ian Wallman & Phil Zacharias

‘Superhumanoid’- Pro7ect 2014
Featuring: Lisa Fitz & Ben Rosen

‘This Heart Of Mine’- Pro7ect 2014
Written by Lisa Fitz, Dan Brown & Stew Jackson. Feat. Claud Gibson on vocals.