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PRO7ECT 2017

            Pro7ect presents THE 4th Hotel PELIROCCO SONGWRITING AND PRODUCTION Residential Week 12th – 17th MARCH 2017 A week of creative collaboration for songwriters, musicians & producers. P7 brings music professionals together, face to face, in a creative space, to write, record and produce amazing music.[…]

The Sing Star Studio

A day in the life of a Songwriter: Remote & out-of-control

Finding writers to collaborate with is a tricky business. The first hurdle: location. I have hauled my arse around the world in the name of collaborative creativity… an endless and treacherous journey in pursuit of ‘the song’ that is going to change the world, and my life, forever. Time is money and[…]

The PFQ at the CAA: Stepping Back In Time

When we were asked by a friend to play at his party at a private Arts club in London’s West End, I had in mind a ‘Groucho – Soho House’ type affair. How wrong was I? Locating the ‘Club for Acts and Actors’ in Bedford St wasn’t the easiest of[…]