Song Book 14

Lisa Fitzgibbon


Song Book 14

  • Release date: 2004-01-01
  • Label: Lisa Fitzgibbon

Lisa Fitzgibbon’s fourth album, SONG BOOK 14, is a testimony to an era which has been both politically confronting and personally challenging for this girl from the out-back of Australia.

Lisa has written a novel inside this album, touching on some hard earned truths alongside several bighting realities. With a subtle, almost vulnerable undertone SONG BOOK 14 captures Lisa’s very special, come-as-you-are writing quality.

“I wanted to keep the live feeling whilst recording in a controlled studio environment” she explains. “We recorded three takes of each song and chose the tracks that worked the best at the time. I made the production decision that this album was going to be the loose cannon in my catalogue… the raw potato; the naked sibling”.

And loose cannon it is!  From her social conscience come the songs Not in My Name & Illumination along side her confident outer ego on tracks like Indifference and Crave.  Lisa’s fragile inner world is exposed yet again in The Sacrifice and I Wonder whilst the defiant Power Folkstress that we all know and love raises her voice to the fore on Time, Expectations, Sure & her latest ice breaker Fuck You Slowly.

“Just take what she’s done so far, shake it about, throw it at the walls, and then plant it in your record collection and watch it grow”.- George Pilger, TO Magazine

‘Songbook 14’ album release.

Following a summer of gigs in the UK and Europe, including a week of performances at the Isle Of Man TT races, Australian born singer-songwriter Lisa Fitzgibbon is set to launch her fourth album.

Released on the 24th September, ‘Songbook 14’ will be showcased along with her tracks from her previous three albums at a series of UK live dates.

Referred to as playing ‘PowerFolk’, Fitzgibbon has impressed with a series of ambitious and creative releases. She sees ‘Songbook 14’ as a testimony to an era which has been both politically confronting and personally challenging for the UK based singer.

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