Just Below the Surface

Lisa Fitzgibbon


Just Below the Surface

  • Release date: 2005-09-15
  • Label: Lisa Fitzgibbon


Album Description

‘Just Below the Surface’ is Lisa Fitzgibbon’s second album. Written on the road & recorded at Paradise Studio, Sydney, in 2002, it tells the story of life, love, loss and loyalty.

With timeless classics like ‘The Maze’ & ‘Who am I’ along side the fragile moments of ‘Ancient Innocence’ and ‘Here I Am’, Just Below the Surface is an album of monumental extremes.

“The title track, ‘Just Below the Surface’, is a brooding, rolling wave of a track, hinting at a storm to come, an honest reflection of the uncertainties we all are facing these days and the feelings we have ……a fine piece of music…… when the storm has blown, the air will be clear and the people will have spoken.”-Corneilius Lookwood

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