PRO7ECT 2019

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PRO7ECT 2019

Pro7ect presents


February 2018

A week of creative collaboration for songwriters, musicians & producers. P7 brings music professionals together, face to face, in a creative space, to write, record and produce amazing music.

2018 Guest Producers:

Stew Jackson: writer and producer for Massive Attack and a founding member of Phantom Limb. Amulti-instrumentalist with production and engineering knowledge and musical scope that crosses many styles and genres, Jackson has recently been busy working with artists such as Nick Cave, Patti Smith, Tom Waits, Serpent with Feet, Hope Sandoval, Damon Albarn, Marc Ford,Skin (Skunk Anansie) and Will Young. Jackson also writes and produces music for film and TV projects and his recent credit list includes Fight for Mosul, Louis Theroux’s My Scientology film, Luther and True Blood.

“It’s amazing to be invited back to Pro7ect for a second time,” he says. “Being thrown into a creative environment with people you don’t know is an odd thing to do, but great fun and very rewarding. The last time I did Pro7ect there were 18 artists involved and we wrote 15 tracks in four days. I’m looking forward to an equally productive and inspirational experience next February.”


Multi-instrumentalist Gethin Pearson is comfortable with a range of genres, from rock and metal to classic indie, electropop and hip hop. His enthusiastic and encouraging style has a special way of nurturing talent by enabling artists to find their own sound, pushing them out of their comfort zone to explore new influences and sounds whilst also remaining true to themselves and their art.

Gethin recently produced tracks on the To Kill A King album The Spiritual Dark Ageincluding the singles The Good Old Days, Spiritual Dark Ageand No More Love Songs, which he also co-wrote. Gethin also produced Kele Okereke’s contribution to the recent Universal Lovealbum, My Guy. He’s currently working with new acts The RPMs and The Pitchforks. He also recently did vocal production for Alma + French Montana’s massive single Phasesas well as vocal production for Charli XCX. Other artists that Gethin has worked with include Mallory Knox, Hark, Army Of Bones, Benji Wild (Asteroid Boys), The Enemy, Ronan Keating, Judas, Monico Blonde, Purest, The Morning and Joe McVeigh.

“I’m delighted to be taking part in the next Pro7ect Retreat as I really enjoy collaborating with other songwriters and artists,” he says. “Having the opportunity to work alongside other producers is also exciting because production can be a very lonely business and it’s rare to have so much recording talent in the same place at the same time. That’s the great thing about events like Pro7ect – they give you a chance to share ideas and help new artists and songwriters develop their skills. The location is cool, too! Hotel Pelirocco is such an amazing and inspiring place to work.”

Lauren Deakin-Davies has been performing and playing in bands since the age 10, beginning with a folk band made up of school friends. By the time she was 18, Lauren was producing for other artists and was the youngest female producer to have a track played on BBC Radio 2. In 2017 she won NMG’s Producer of the Year Award and has now produced or written over 200 commercially released tracks, including 10 albums (six as sole producer), of which two are award winning. Among the artists she has worked with are Laura Marling, Kelly Oliver, the F Spot Femmes Fatales, Kate Dimbleby, Bella Gaffney, The Christmas Present and Downtown. At just 22 she is also an artist in her own right (going under the name of Didi) and the youngest full member of the Music Producers Guild, which she joined in 2016.

”I think synergy of everyone is going to be amazing!” Laren Deakin Davies says. “So many different skill sets are being brought to the table and I also love the idea of the challenge of getting it all done in a time scale because it means you really have to make your decisions count. Overall I am so excited for this.”

Ian Wallman: with a UK top ten hit & major Record and Publishing deals in both the UK and USA, Ian is an Ivor Novello nominated producer-composer with countless recording, engineering and writing credits to his name including: Beyonce, Shakira, Calvin Harris, Michael Bublé, Kelis, Lady Gaga & Alanis Morrisette, just to name a few.

Lisa Fitzgibbon: Singer/songwriter/producer, Lisa Fitz has had an extensive career collaborating with writers and producers globally. Lisa has toured the world, sharing stages with musical legends such as Ani Difranco, Arlo Gutherie, Roger McGuinn & Chris Difford. She has written & recorded four albums and released numerous singles and is the lead singer and songwriter/guitarist with The PowerFolk Quartet.

Jon Fletcher: multi-instrumentalist mastering the guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, harmonica, banjo, bass & piano. Heading the songwriting circle in the ‘Lair’, each song that emerges at the end of the days is brilliantly written, arranged and performed, giving the Pro7ect events a live twist in contrast to the creative emphasis on musical production during the week.

Hotel Pelirocco is Brighton’s sauciest stopover. With 19 bedrooms themed around pop subculture or provoked by visionary artists, maverick musicians and inspired individuals, Hotel Pelirocco is bound to tickle the taste buds of pleasure seekers on the hunt for something new.

There are lots of songwriting retreats but not many designed for professionals focusing on the co-lab reality of the contemporary music industry.

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